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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
I am a Severe Weather Enthusiast from Oklahoma City, OK. I have loved severe weather for as long as I can remember and I have been watching and chasing weather events for what seems forever. I was a young kid (12 or so) out "Freestyle" jumping and doing tricks on my bike one day when I noticed the most beautiful cloud formation, dark grey in color set against a greyish blue sky that I could not take my eyes off of and I knew that something was happening. That day was the day of the 1986 Edmond, OK Tornado.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My newest masterpiece!!!

My newest install and setup for a storm chasing vehicle.
Read below photo for details and contact info.
My newest install and setup for a storm chasing vehicle.
It includes a custom made console that holds a power inverter, XM Weather receiver
and surge protectors for all of your power and charging needs. The center console also has additional 12v plugs, a 2 meter HAM radio and a digital trunking scanner with exterior speakers.
Using an aftermarket cup-holder and pipe mount for the RAM mount laptop holder all of the needs are met to secure your equipment and with them being hardwired in you do not have to worry about losing power or plugs popping out while driving on rough country roads. 
Using film-tools supplied camera mounts I have mounted two High-Def HD Cameras on the dash, an HD webcam for live streaming so that viewers can see what we are reporting live out in the field. I have also setup two window mounts for Digital Cameras with remotes to photo simultaneously. 
Finally, I installed a Pioneer AVIC Navigation System (to help out with easy directions) and with hands-free Bluetooth for phone safety.
All of this was installed in a 2009 Nissan Titan 4WD Ext. Cab Pickup.
You can contact me by phone 405-821-0103 or via email for your install needs. I do not mark up materials, I just have you reimburse me. I do charge a consulting fee, design fee and installation fee of $45 an hour.+